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Where can products be purchased?

The majority of our products featured on this site and elsewhere are made to order.  We always have products for sale in our Amazon, Ebay, Custom Made and ETSY stores.  If there is interest in a product that is not listed in those venues, please contact us at contact@vollmanwoodworking.com.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, we do a great deal of custom work.  If there is interest in a custom built item, please contact us at contact@vollmanwoodworking.com or visit our Custom Made store to discuss your need.  Delivery time for custom items depends on the current build schedule and backlog.  Typically, custom items are completed and delivered within three to four weeks.

Do you construct products with other woods and finishes?

Though we primarily use quarter sawn white oak, we can produce our products using other wood species or lumber cuts.  On request, we can produce our products using plain sawn red or white oak, cherry, or of a mahogany species.  We can apply different finishes on our quarter sawn oak products by special request.  Non-standard finishes or different wood species will be custom builds. 

Does the finish require special care?

No special care is required.  Each product ships with a finish care information sheet.  You should avoid furniture care products containing alcohol, ammonia, and other solvents or strong detergents. 

What type of finish is used?

Our finishes and methods have required years to perfect and are proprietary.  Our finishes are hand applied and hand rubbed involving seven to ten steps from start to end. We do not employ stains to achieve the coloration of our pieces, but rather employ dyes.  We employ highly refined shellac or varnishes as our topcoats, depending on the nature and use of the piece.  Our final step is the hand application of high quality wax.  

Is a newsletter available?

Our eBay and ETSY stores have news letters and notices that you may subscribe to.  We post our build schedules, new product announcements, and product availability on our business Facebook page.  Facebook is is the best and most current source of information.   

Are Vollman Woodworking products original designs or reproductions?

Our products are all original designs.  The designs are influenced by period pieces and craftsmen such as Stickley, Harvey Ellis, The Roycrofters, and other craftsmen of the period.

Do you sell your products to wholesale vendors?

Yes, we do sell out products to wholesale vendors.  If you are interested in a wholesale arrangement, contact eric@vollmanwoodworking.com.

Can you build another of an exact box box shown on the web site?

Yes and no.  While it is possible to reconstruct a box using the same species of wood, each is quite unique in terms of the coloration and figure exhibited by wood.  Often, the wood employed is rare or so unique that it is no more is available.  We do maintain a large supply of unique and exotic woods, so it is quite possible we can replicate a great many boxes that you have seen or come very close.

Can you engrave your boxes with name or other text that will be given as gifts?

Not at this time, however; we are adding new machinery in our shop early 2013 that will enable us to personalize our products and more.

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Can you match the finish of our existing items?

Finish matching is very difficult, even when there is access to pieces being matched.  The type of wood, finishing methods and materials,  the age of the piece, and even the area lighting make the task difficult.  With that said, we have provided matched finishes many times.  If we do not have access to the existing pieces, the customer will send high quality photographs as a starting point.  From that, we produce several color boards that are sent to the customer to determine which is the best match.  It is an involved, time consuming, process.  There is an additional charge for the service.