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The build can be perfect; the joints tight and a thing of beauty, but in the end, the finish is the difference between the perfect build becoming an heirloom, or some very expensive firewood.

We take great pride in our finishes.  Every piece is hand finished, using only the finest dyes, shellac, varnishes, and wax to produce the fine finish expected of heirloom quality pieces.   Whether an Arts and Crafts piece of quarter sawn white oak,

a hand rubbed mirror finish on an heirloom box,

or a deep satin finish to bring out the best in a spectacular figured wood,

you may be assured of a quality, lasting, finish on everything we produce.

Vollman Woodworking is located in Nashville, Tennessee. You will not find gleaming, dust and clutter
free floors or a machine or tool for every imaginable purpose. You will find  the expected machinery along with the treasured 100 year old bench chisels and hand planes that have been used by three generations of craftsmen.  It is the craftsman that produces fine and enduring quality, not the workshop or the abundance of machinery.   
Quality craftsmanship begins long before the first cut. Every piece begins with design drawings and modeling to detail the form, proportions,dimensions, and construction
methods.  We employ 3D modeling where each element is is drawn full scale and assembled to form an accurate three dimensional representation.   Photo-realistic three dimensional renderings are generated to produce a realistic view of the assembled form and proportions. 

Selection of the lumber that will become the piece being crafted is as important as the design itself.  Look closely at mass production pieces and notice the randomness of the wood, if it is actually wood at all.  The suitability of one piece of lumber as opposed to another is scrutinized.  Continuity and uniformness in color and the figure of the grain are as important as the design.

The reasoning in that statement, is that having the ability to apply quality finishes influences, and most often dictates,
how you build.  Knowing how to achieve the ultimate finish guides everything, from the selection of material, to the methods of milling , to the assembly of the components.  We take great pride in our finishes.  The assembly of the piece means only the work is half done.




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